Alice Holttum

furniture maker

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This project utilised the technique of marquetry for its decoration. The structure was very simple with straight lines throughout. The table edges - spalted cherry - and its legs - laminated yew with flashes of laburnum - were square and right angled.

This contrasted with the marquetry motifs which were exclusively round and flowing in design. They were hand cut and incorporated such woods as sycamore, teak, rosewood and yew.

The backgammon table was constructed to be a functional piece of furniture with hinged doors to close over the game inside. Each surface was sanded to a high lustre. and it was finished in durable lacquer to protect the millimetre-thin veneer. It is the size of a standard coffee table - 120cmL x 55cmW x 40cmH.‚Äč

Backgammon table