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Kitchen renovation

This area of the kitchen housed a large sideboard and was to be renovated into a floored alcove. The unit was moved into the conservatory (Stripy sideboardand its top turned into shelves (Shelves and brackets).

The plug socket was moved and the walls which had been hidden behind the unit were plastered ready for painting; these jobs were done by accredited tradespeople. 

The area beneath the unit was bare cement and had a large lump impeding the laying of floorboards on top; it had to be angle ground flat then levelled with compound. The kitchen's engineered wood flooring had been sawed off at the kickboard of the unit; that floorboard was removed before new boards were fitted into place.

The back wall was clad with waterproof MDF panelling and skirting was fitted. The sideboard which had been contiguous with the removed unit had a new end piece fitted and its worktop was cut to the correct length and sanded smooth.‚Äč


Alice Holttum

furniture maker

Re-floored alcove