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furniture maker



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This balustrade was created for a listed building and therefore had to adhere to various standards in terms if its dimensions. It was made from Scottish oak and the technique of lamination was employed throughout to increase the structure's strength.

A series of three-layered balusters was made along with a pair of newel posts and one half-newel, also laminated. The newels were topped with a thin layer of laburnum beneath a thicker layer of pippy oak. 

The handrail was constructed from four layers of wood the top one of which was specifically chosen for being highly characterful. The cat's paw, knots and open grain were filled with clear resin then sanded with wet and dry paper to a high sheen.

The structure was fixed together with large coach screws and fastened to the floor and wall with specific newel fasteners and anchor sleeves to ensure highly secure attachment. The original oak beams visible in the stairwell were covered with oak planks which were screwed into place.

The balustrade was one  half of a commission, the other part being a matching oak Chest of drawers.