Chest of drawers

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This chest of drawers was part of a commission which also included a matching Balustrade‚Äč.

It was made of Scottish oak and designed to fit in a space which was square at one end but not the other. For this reason, one end of both the carcass and each drawer was acutely angled at the front and obtuse at the back - approximately 80 and 100 degrees respectively. The angled cuts required for this were achieved on the radial arm- and table saws. In order to keep the drawers in place as they were pulled out, a pair of parallel runners was made for each one.

The drawer fronts were made separately and had finger pulls routed out with a special bit. The top of the chest was made from pippy oak to reflect that used for the handrail of the balustrade. The piece was finished with Osmo Oil.


Alice Holttum

furniture maker